regulator overhauls 

What is the best way to protect your SCUBA system from potential failure and problems?  The answer is to keep your equipment up to date on it's recommended service and repair schedule.

Aqua Trek's service and repair department is managed and maintained by Chick Cullen.  Chick is assisted by other well trained and experienced technicians.  The goal of Aqua Trek's Service and Repair Department is to provide the best possible service to our customers and potential future dive buddies.

All of Aqua Trek's technicians are current with schooling and printed manuals on any piece of equipment they will ever work on.  Our cleaning and servicing equipment is industry state of the art, and we service most all major brands.

We also offer a pick up and drop off service for service needs  in the DFW area.  Call Chick at (409)795-4777 to arrange service pick up or drop off.



Regulator Bench Check - $35

1st & 2nd Stage Overhaul - $75

Alternate 2nd Stage Overhaul - $35

Inline Aternate 2nd Stage - $50

Battery Change - $35

Tank Visual - $25

Tank Hydrostatic - $50

BC Service - $35

Aqua Lung i3 valve service - $30

Parts kits (Prices Vary depending on manufacturer)   $15-$49          

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