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Ian Norfolk

472621 Master Instructor Small Scuba Rangers 2


Ian Norfolk found his love of scuba diving when he discovered that snorkeling wouldn't let him stay down as long as he wanted during a trip to the British Virgin Islands as a teenager. Those divers and their fantastic  gear were able to play for a whole lot longer and a lot deeper than he could snorkel!

At Virginia Tech he jumped in with both feet and got his Divemaster in just over a year. Trips to Florida, lots of fresh water springs and diving in rivers at altitude were his first 300 dives. It wasn't until he got to Texas that he had the opportunity to become an instructor (and meet his future wife diving!)


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Specialty Instructor Credentials:

 dd Nav SC SOD SC NAT SC WTC nitrox try freediving card

rec Buoyancy et LV SC WR dsr SNOrkeling madeira

DG SC PV Try Scuba ssi scuba skills update 1 SC ALT drysuit diving 


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