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Debbie Cullen


Debbie started diving when she worked as a life guard for Chick and they used SCUBA gear to make cleaning the pool easier. She was in Chick's first Open Water class in 1972.She became am Instructor in 1977 and has been an active instructor ever since. She worked with Chick at the first Aqua Trek in the 70's and 80's. In 2012 Debbie crossed over to SSI as a Dive Control Specialist Instructor.

Debbie has done most of her diving in the Caribbean, and in Texas. Her favorite spots are Cayman, Belize, and St. Lucia. She is hoping to dive in the Red Sea.

Scuba Debbie finds diving peaceful and beautiful. It certainly is a "Funtime for a lifetime".



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Specialty Instructor Credentials:

Boat Diving dd Nav SC SOD SC NAT SC WTC nitrox

fid rec Buoyancy et LV SC WR dsr

DG SC PV Try Scuba