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Chick's interest in diving began while watching "Sea Hunt" and "The Undersea World of Jacques Cousteau.”  Books like The Silent World made this adventure even more exciting. He began using gear to clean swimming pools. He received his Open Water certification in 1967 and became an Instructor in 1972.. He opened an Aqua Trek Dive shop in Galveston, Texas in 1976. Answering a call from God to enter the ministry, Chick served as a full time pastor until 2009 when he retired. In 2011 he opened Aqua Trek Sports with wife Debbie and son David. Along with working in the shop, he still serves as part-time pastor at the Lighthouse Fellowship in Lake Worth.

Chick has dove most of the major islands of the Caribbean, Bahamas, Tahiti, springs and panhandle of Florida and countless lakes, rivers and quarries.  His favorite places to dive have been Cayman and Belize, but he is looking forward to discovering places he has never dove before.

Scuba diving is about enjoying the freedom that the underwater world provides. Diving has provided the opportunity to visit locations and meet people from around the world and see the beauty this world offers both above and below the surface. It is truly a "fun-time for a lifetime."



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Specialty Instructor Credentials:

Boat Diving Nav nitrox Buoyancy et LV SC WR dsr

SC PV Try Scuba

PADI Instructor Emeritus # 7740

Equipment Repair Certification

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