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Andrew Holland



Andrew's interest in diving sparked while working with a friend repairing docks and cleaning boats in his late teenage years.  He received his Open Water certification in 1993 and became an Instructor in 2002. Andrew had been with Aqua Trek since 2016.

Andrew has enjoyed diving in several countries throughout the world.  His favorite places to dive are Lake Superior, Bonaire and Fiji. Andrew’s wish list is to dive the Maldives and Antarctica.

Scuba diving has provided the opportunity to visit locations and meet people from around the world and see the beauty their underwater world offers both above and below the surface.


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Specialty Instructor Credentials:

Boat Diving dd Nav SC SOD SC NAT SC WTC nitrox

fid rec Buoyancy et LV SC WR dsr

DG SC PV Try Scuba ssi scuba skills update 1 SC ALT SC COM 2 SC FFM

 drysuit diving SC ICE independent diver ssi specialty solo diver dpv


Additional Instructor & Technical Credentials

Instructor Trainer

American Red Cross Instructor

Equipment Repair and Service

Advanced Gas Blender

Advanced Helitrox Diving

Advanced Nitrox Diving

Advanced Trimix Diving

Advanced Wreck Diving

CCR - Air Diluent Decompression

CCR - Mixed Gas

CCR - Helitrox

Rebreather - Semi Closed / GEM

Decompression Procedures

Cavern Diving

Intro to Cave Diving

Full Cave Diving


Emergency Response Diver 1

Emergency Response Diver 2

Emergency Response Diver Supervisor

Extended Range Diving

O2 Service Tech

Side Mount Diving

Stage Diving 

 Our Staff's composition is a strong, balanced blend of skills and experience, 
allowing us to offer instruction in all SSI Certification Areas.

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