Aqua Trek is proud to offer a different (and we think superior) approach to teaching SCUBA Diving than other shops.  We believe teaching the potentially life altering (and risk involved) sport of SCUBA Diving should be done with patience, proper planning and motivation.   If you are looking for a cheap and easy path to SCUBA Diving, you should probably look elsewhere.   The goal of everyone of our Dive Professionals is to help you become a SCUBA Diver with confidence and abilities, so you can safely enjoy the sport for the rest of your life.   We hope to provide a safe, relaxed and fun time anytime you are in the water.

Completing the Open Water Diver certification through Aqua Trek typically involves students spending a few hours studying at home, a few hours of online classroom sessions reviewing information with a dive professional, a few hours of pool sessions practicing in-water skills with a dive professional, and then at least two days in Open Water to complete check-out dives.


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