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$200,000 Indonesia World Underwater Photo Contest FIRST-EVER to incorporate local dive centers

By DiverWire Staff posted in Travel News, UW Imaging News | February 20, 2013 •  •  • 

(DiverWire) The Indonesia World Underwater Photo Contest (IWUPC) is one of the most prestigious photo contests in the world. It’s certainly one of the most lucrative. When the Indonesian Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy first announced the contest late last year, many people were impressed with the prize money – which to date is more than $200,000.

Scuba Travel Ventures (STV), a leading dive travel resource and wholesaler, has long known that underwater photography is a significant reason people get involved in recreational scuba diving and international travel specifically to Indonesia. Further, growing technology and the quest for exciting new images continues to draw new photographers into the sport. STV officials are enthusiastically encouraging divers to consider participating in this unique best of the best photo contest.

The IWUPC event takes place through November, 30, 2013. The contest offers free participation and is open to several different levels of camera equipment, along with six different underwater categories and one conservation category. What’s different about this contest? It’s the first international contest to incorporate select local dive centers and training centers into the process.

To enter the contest, photographers must dive with a participating dive operator. All photo submissions will be done through the local dive center. A list of Participating Dive Operators is available on the IWUPC webpage. There is also a complete list of guidelines and rules.

“It’s actually a very creative idea that we think will certainly be picked up in other areas of the world,” says Mario Cabading of Scuba Travel Ventures. “The popularity of underwater photography continues to grow. We’re pleased to be working with several key Indonesian dive resorts and their dive operators that specialize in unique dive sites popular with all the best photographers. This is a great way to encourage divers to visit Indonesia and perhaps win a piece of the $200,000 in prize money.”

Cabading said that STV had negotiated and bundled Exclusive STV Added Value Bonus Dive Packages for a limited time for several of their popular resorts in Indonesia. These include Lembeh Resort / Critters @ Lembeh, Gangga Island Resort and Siladen Island Resorts

He further issued a challenge to underwater photographers (existing and new STV travelers). “There’s no question that some of the best underwater sights and subjects are in Indonesia. The best and savvy underwater photographers already know this and are making plans to participate and enter the contest. Do you have what it takes?

ScubaFit launches FitDiver® Abs: Mobile Fitness APP for Divers

By DiverWire Staff posted in PADI Feed, SSI Feed, Training News January 22, 2013

(DiverWire) ScubaFit®, a national company dedicated to promoting fitness for recreational scuba divers, today has launched a second workout in a series of mobile fitness apps. FitDiver® Abs focuses on building the diver’s “core” with an exercise sequence for abdominals.

This new app supplements the FitDiver® Treasured Chest app which was released last year and is currently available in the Google Play marketplace. Both programs are written by fitness professional and diver, Gretchen M. Ashton, and are uniquely related to diving activities.

Ashton says, “Whether they are visible or not, abdominals are essential in supporting the back and stabilizing the body through complex movements associated with scuba diving. Without question a balanced abdominal strengthening program is an important component of scuba fitness and should be developed in conjunction with back strengthening and flexibility early in an exercise program. The challenge is finding the best method for individual divers to strengthen the abdominals without creating or aggravating certain back conditions.”

FitDiver® Workouts are based on sound research including a health profile of the diving community and the unique physiological demands of the underwater environment. Scuba diving is often considered moderate-intensity activity. Yet, there are differences in the physical requirements for diving depending on the type of diving and the conditions.

The series is also being developed for other platforms and markets. The app is developed by Phrogger Interactive with graphic design by Designs by Brie. For more details, visit

SSI Announces Winner of 2012 Master Diver Challenge

By DiverWire Staff posted in SSI Feed, Training News January 24, 2013

(DiverWire) The 2012 Winner of the Scuba Schools International (SSI) Master Diver Challenge is Corina Watts from Tom’s Dive & Swim in Austin, TX. Corina started diving in 2011 and has received the following specialties over the course of her diving career: Deep Diving, Navigation, Night & Limited Visibility, Search & Recovery, Advanced Open Water Diver, Stress & Rescue and now Master Diver.

Each year SSI Dive Centers and SSI host the ‘Master Diver Challenge’. The Master Diver Challenge encourages ALL divers to complete their SSI Master Diver certification. In past years, one lucky SSI Master Diver has won a trip aboard the Aggressor Fleet and Dancer Fleet to Grand Cayman, Utila, Bahamas, and other great diving destinations. The SSI Master Diver is awarded to divers that have 50+ logged dives, 4 SSI Specialties and SSI Stress & Rescue.

For the Master Diver Challenge, divers who complete their SSI Master Diver certification in 2013 are registered to win a trip aboard the Thailand Aggressor from Aggressor Fleet.

More information is available at and directions for your Dive Center are available at For more details or to get registered, contact your SSI Business Consultant today.

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We  are proud to announce that Aqua Trek has become an Aqua Lung Partner Center.  In this new relationship we will seek to continue to provide the bestequipment, service and instruction to assist divers to enjoy this great sport.  Diving really can be a “fun time for a lifetime.” Aqua Trek’s partnership with the Aqua Lung line of products will give our patrons great opportunites to discover the excitement of the underwater world.

Aqua Trek of Fort Worth is proud to announce that Debbie Cullen has joined Randall Cook and Mark Metcallf as successfully completing the SSI Instructor certification cross-over process and is certified as a  Dive Control Specialist Instructor.  Debbie is also certified in the following  specialties:  Computer Diving, Fish Identification, Equipment Techniques, Search and recovery, Boat Diving, Deep Diving, Digital Underwater Photography, Navigation, Perfect Buoyancy, Night and Limited Visibility Diving, Diver Stress and Rescue, Science of Diving, Wreck Diving, and Waves, Tides and Currents.

Randall is an SSI Advanced Open Water Instructor and is also certified in the following specialties:  Computer, Science of Diving, Stress and Rescue, Enriched Air Nitrox, Perfect Buoyancy, Navigation, Night and Limited Visibility, Digital Underwater Photography, Dry Suit, Deep, Boat, Altitude, Fish Identification, and Ice Diving.

Mark is an SSI Advanced Open Water Instructor and is also certified in the following specialty courses: Dry Suit, Science of Diving, Stress and Rescue, Fish Identification, Enriched Air Nitrox, Perfect Buoyancy, Navigation, Night and limited Visibility, Deep, Boat,and Computer.

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